Amphitheatrically built at the foot of Oiti, in a plane-tree forest, at an altitude of 450 metres, Ypati enchants the visitor, thanks to the diversity of its landscape, both in winter and summer. Reminiscent of Swiss scenery, it relaxes the visitor physically and mentally.

From this point, the visitor may overlook the Sperchios valley, from the borders of Evrytania to regions beyond Lamia.

Ypati is considered the perfect destination for sports and nature lovers. Its spas and their modern facilities are considered the trademark of the area, and their physicochemical properties are considered unique in Greece.

It is worth visiting the National Park of Oiti, where the rare and unique flora and fauna of the area are strictly protected.

You may visit a number of museums and archaeological sites, including the Kakogianneio Star School of Ypati, the Byzantine Castle of Ypati, the Byzantine Museum of Ypati, the location “Pyra Irakleous” (Hercules’ Pyre), the settlement “Varka” with ruins of a three-aisled basilica of the 6th century, and “Anemotrypa”, a cave at the western part of Ypati, which was considered a place of magic during antiquity.

The city is also great for religious tourism. You have the chance to visit numerous byzantine churches in the city and the surrounding area, with many priceless religious artifacts, as well as the Monastery of Agathon, a historical monastery (14th century) located at a beautiful spot on the slopes of Oiti, which is considered a characteristic example of the Byzantine style.

In Ypati, you will enjoy the cuisine of Roumeli at the local picturesque public taverns. The area is known for its “kourampiedes” (a type of shortbread biscuit with almonds), as well as local delicacies (frumenty or “trahanas”, a type of pasta called “hylopites” etc.) and sweets. In Loutra Ypatis, there are many choices for your evening entertainment, ranging from bars to music cafes.